Sonic Drill and Their Variables of Influence

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Sonic drills systems are best described as resonant systems. It is one of several mechanical systems that are made to work on mechanical resonance. In the past, engineers were made to believe that mechanical resonance is one phenomenon they need to veer away from.

How Does a Sonic Drill Rig Work?

Despite that, resonant systems are known to offer 2 unique advantages. First one, it can transfer energy without having to expend much power in itself in the mechanical system. This significantly helps in paving the way for higher amplitudes. 

These attributes of the sonic drill allow it to transfer the mechanical energy it generates and has it as input at the top of the drill string which is the sonic drill head. This is usually situated above the earth’s surface. The mechanical energy is then successfully transmitted to the drill bit which will perform the drilling part. 

A resonant system is best described as being on resonance if the input power is transferred directly to the damping of the system. In the meantime, it expends little to no energy in the actual mechanical system. This is likely to occur at specific frequencies where the system’s capability to main kinetic energy is directly proportional to its ability to keep in potential energy. 

While the system is oscillating, the kinetic and potential energies are relayed back and forth between these 2 types of energies. The resonant condition makes it possible for additional energy to be carried through the system without being taken in as either kinetic or potential energy while the system’s mechanical oscillations are ongoing. 

While the system’s mechanical resonance amplitude is growing, the system’s total stored energy, which is either kinetic or potential energy, increases. In addition to this, the amount of energy that is stored as either kinetic or potential power in the system will remain constant.  

If the system will operate below mechanical resonance, more energy should be added to the system to all the potential energy to continuously charge. This is because the system will store greater amounts of potential energy as opposed to the kinetic energy in given oscillation amplitude.  

Putting it differently, the oscillator will need to put on additional energy. This should help in driving the system that has incessantly charged the system’s potential energy because there is no way it can store potential energy, even though it remains in its kinetic energy form. If the kinetic and potential energies do not match, the oscillator will need to continually put more energy into the system. This should help in sustaining the desired oscillatory amplitude.

Similarly, frequencies that are above mechanical resonance, there is a need to input more energy into the system because the stored potential energy will not be enough or become enough to recharge the kinetic energy needed in oscillating the system.

In a mechanical resonance environment, the system is likely to charge up reaching the maximum energy stored as kinetic or potential. This way it will allow the energy that is flowing into the system to pass through and get absorbed by the damper.

If the damper is having a hard time absorbing those energies, then it renders the oscillation amplitude to grow continuously until such time that the system fails.

Sonic drilling failures have become as common as putting too much stress on the joints that bind the pipe drill as one as well as stressing out the sonic drill driver. This is likely to occur when excessive acceleration is applied at the drill head. Nonetheless, the surrounding resonant condition may also work to the advantage of the operator. They refer to as  a “lock-in” frequency.

By scaling up the driving frequency, operators can handle the sonic drill until it reaches that point when the system would start increasing the frequency on its own. This is brought about by the reduced energy required to operate under mechanical resonance.

September 17, 2019

How to Properly Maintain Your 3D Printing Machine

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There is no doubt about it but your 3D printing machine is indeed a qualified finicky piece of hardware. Who, in the right frame of mind, would think it is okay to deal with a 3D printer meltdown while you are in the middle of something and working on your latest 3D printing project to get it done and completed on the stipulated deadline. 

3D Printing Machine Technology

Much like any other machine, digital or not, you need to give your 3D printer the proper care and maintenance it needs. This will help ensure that this piece of hardware you have is working in tip-top shape all the time. Truth be told here, but we know for a fact that the quality in which these machines come to us today can’t make us qualify them as top caliber. Many of them are not manufactured the way they are supposed to have been made.  

It is at this point that proper maintenance practices for 3D printer come in. In a sinister attempt to make the cost of the hardware down, there are some manufacturing firms of 3D printers that resorted to the use of lower quality components. Of course, this resulted in the production of inferior quality machines that are prone to breakdown. This eventually prompted owners of such printing machines to have their piece of equipment undergo frequent modding and maintenance services

Below are some valuable tips on how you can optimize the service life of your 3D printer. These pointers we compiled below apply across the board.  

Make sure your 3D printer is always properly lubricated.  

Your best 3D printing machine technology is comparable to a car engine. Both have a sundry of metal moving parts, and they can cause your machine to stoppages if you will fail in seizing up its linear bearings and rods. You are not supposed to use motor oil for this purpose, but oil for sewing machines work okay here. You only need to give its rails and rods a drop or two, that is more than enough to do the trick.  

Make sure your extruder gear is clean. 

This particular part of your 3D printer can get compromised by the build-up of debris and other foreign matter, which is a pretty normal thing to happen after several printing jobs were done. You may need to unscrew your extruder and off the cover goes, too.  

You might find hex keys handy here when taking off the screws that are keeping the fan in place. Depending upon the 3D printer model and make that you have, you might need to do something more to dismantle your machine just so you can get its extruder out. After which you scrape away its gunk with the use of a sharp tool  

Make sure to regularly update your 3D printer firmware
If it is paramount for your home computer to get firmware updates whenever it is available to get it running good all the time, the same thing applies to your 3D printing technology, too. Sometimes, even if your hardware is properly maintained, your printing machine can still get buggy. If your 3D printer is on the habit of acting up each time you use it, a firmware update could be necessary to get past them. A regular download of the latest firmware may well keep your machine running to the best of your expectations.

September 13, 2019

Pricing Systems for Catering Services

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Pricing Systems for Catering Services

Catering services are all around the corner. Although this is a good thing, it can be overwhelming for those who plan to hire one for their event or occasion. But the trick is to learn some important facts about how caterers calculate the price of the services they offer. This will be helpful in narrowing the available options so you get to hire one that will meet your needs and budget.

Overall Cost

The pricing system that a certain catering company makes use of does not necessarily make them more affordable than the others. The total cost of the catering would be dependent on various factors like the size and scope of the event, as well as other additional services. On the other hand, the pricing system offers a set of benefits when it comes to transparency, efficiency, and convenience.

Being aware of the costs of  catering services can greatly help in choosing the right company to hire. Thus, even though the pricing system does not really make one more affordable than the other, there are certain pricing systems that could make it more convenient and easier for clients who want to understand how the invoice came to be.

Catering Pricing Systems


Tiered pricing is commonly used due to its efficiency, although sometimes there can be confusion on what is included and what is not. With this model, the clients get to choose a level of catering, depending on how many guests they are expecting. It is like a pre-set package that includes the type of food and service they want. In the case of bigger parties. A higher tiered is often used that includes more services and food. On the other hand, smaller parties use smaller or first-level tier.


Like a menu in a sit-down restaurant, most caterers make use of a fixed price menu selection. This one is a clear and simple method of pricing, giving exact descriptions, as well as portions with set prices that do not change according to scope, size, and personal preference. This is model is commonly used for restaurants that have a catering division and owned catering companies. Clients like this model as it is easier to understand.


Custom-pricing is not very common compared to the other types as this one involves client and company negotiating. However, this is also used in the catering industry, especially for weddings. For this type of estimating model, the clients and coordinators sit down and then design a custom-catering menu in accordance with the number of guests, services needed, and food preferences. During the meeting, both clients and catering coordinator discuss the best prices for everything.

Regardless of the type of pricing model, a good catering company will be able to deliver the best results, delectable foods, and professional services at reasonable prices. To be sure that you are hiring the right company, choose the one that has the experience, talent, and integrity.

August 23, 2019

Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy Pallet Wrapping Machines

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy Pallet Wrapping Machines

Pallet wrapping machines offer us flexible packaging solutions that can have practical applications in various industries. Such would include food and beverages, electronics,  healthcare, and many more.

While there is nothing to stop the logistics and the shipping industry from growing and further developing on the e-Commerce sector backdrop, it is anticipated by industry insiders that the present demand for pallet wrapping machines maintain its momentum of growth and carry this trend to the future. This can be attributed to the packaging industry’s growing demand greater means of protecting goods while they are in transit and during distribution.  

Now that you have seen the good side of it, here comes the drawback. Finding the right kind of pallet wrapper to buy will pose a certain level of challenge, most especially to those who happen to have no prior experience in this area. 

Any smart and enterprising person will understand that buying the wrong piece of equipment for his business is going to be a very costly mistake. 

Just so you will not commit any mistake on this, as many others did in the past, here are some good tips to help and guide you by. When it comes to buying a pallet wrapper for your business,  these pointers will see to it that you are not likely to make any wrong decision or choice. 

  1. Should you buy brand new equipment or second-hand?

Trying to acquire a brand new pallet wrapper would mean to say that it would cost you so much more compared to buying instead of a second-hand unit. One good advantage though in the brand new unit is that it comes with a warranty.

 In addition to that, their parts would be readily accessible to you just in case you might need parts replacement. Provided that you are properly using your brand new pallet wrapper, as per manufacturer’s instructions, and you are maintaining the machine pretty well, then your pallet wrapper is bound to give you a long service life.  

On the other hand, used  or second-hand pallet wrapping machines may come with lower initial costs yet most of the time their warranty would have lapsed already.

And if in case you need to identify the manufacturer, you would find it hard to obtain parts for replacement. This is true most especially if the unit you acquired is not a high-end or mainstream brand. 

2. Is your business likely to wrap small or large product packages? 

It is crucial to determine before the pallet sizes that your machine will most likely work on so that you know beforehand that your equipment will be able to accommodate everything. Therefore, make it sure that the numbers, in terms of width, length and height are ready.

If the pallets are oversized or too long, they are likely to hit your machine while it’s rotating. If your pallets come too tall, chances are high that they won’t be fully wrapped by your machine. If it is too short, the machine’s photo-eye may not be able to see it. 

     3.  Do you require a pre-stretched head?  

This would highly depend on the kind of stretch film you will have the machine run on. Acquiring a stretch wrapper sans any pre-stretched head, you need to make it sure that your team will make use of a pre-stretched film on your pallet wrapping machine.

The use of pre-stretched films will work to your company’s advantage because it will help you save lots on film costs significantly. 

4. How about the maintenance costs?

Picture in your mind what should be the external environment of your upcoming pallet wrapper. This machine placed in: 

  • A cold storage room will need to use different kinds of lubricants. 
  • Areas that are prone to accumulation of dust will require you the use of additional covers to protect the wrapping machine. 
  • Places that are known to have high levels of humidity will induce your machine to require frequent maintenance work. 

Furthermore, as time goes by and the machine gets older, the required maintenance cost would naturally get more expensive.  

To pull down the costs of maintaining your wrapping machine, you must see to it that there is only little to no preventive maintenance for it at any given time during its lifetime.  

August 12, 2019

Kitchen Countertop Fabrication Using CNC Cutting Machine

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Kitchen Countertop Fabrication Using CNC Cutting Machine

Not many people realize that the polished look behind every modern kitchen countertop today is due to CNC cutting machine. Before you can even install a granite countertop to your kitchen or bath area, it has to undergo first what can be best described as an extensive stone fabrication process. Otherwise, you will not be able to achieve the polished look you are desiring it to have. 

The fabrication process will be carried out by a stone fabricator, whose services are specialized in this type of work. There are also instances that your granite supplier can also take charge of fabricating the stone for you. The work will be done at their shop, from start to finish, and once completed then it will be delivered to your doorstep. 

Inspecting the Slab

This is the first phase of the process, inspecting your chosen granite stone slab. Such natural occurring material may have characteristics that are indigenous to it. Some of these characteristics may include black spots, dry seams, polyester resin fill, directional veining, and so on. Most of the time, these natural physical attributes of the stone are what’s making them beautiful, unique and outstanding.     

If in case the customer is not very happy about any of the natural characteristics of the stone, fabricators will need to figure out how he can work things out about it. He can try to avoid those areas during the templating and stone fabrication process.  

Template Layout 

After your stone slab is carefully inspected, it will be laid out. If there are previously created templates, it will have to be arranged on the stone as well so you can be certain that it will have the best appearance in terms of color and vein texture.   

Cutting the Stone

If the layout is all good and okay, the stone can now be cut using either a bridge saw or water jet. History tells us that the use of the bridge saw was actually a favored tool in the past. But in recent years, we witnessed how the “saw jet” took things over and came into play. Saw jet is a combination of a saw and water jet technology.  

The use of water jet is beneficial here in the sense that it is helpful in cutting circles or if you have an intricate pattern. As for the bridge saw, it can only cut in a straight line. The moment that the pieces have been cut off the larger stone slab, they need to be forwarded to the CNC cutting machine and with the use of a vacuum lifting system, the countertop pieces can then be fabricated.  

Fabrication Process

It is at this stage of the stone fabrication process that the cutouts for your cooktop, holes for your faucets, and undermount sink are all made. Cutting the stone to 1/16 of an inch to its preferred size is the first step you need to carry out when cutting the stone. 

After which the CNC cutting machine (CNC stands for computer numerically controlled) can then be programmed to identify the stone sizes on the table.  Up to you but you the liberty to have several pieces of stone on the table, and work on them together. The CNC machine, by virtue of its program, can determine the location of the stones and what it will do with them. 

Different stones come with different working characteristics, the key to success here is to have by your side a knowledgeable and experienced CNC machine operator. 

Strengthening the Stone

This is a specialized part of the stone fabrication process, which means to say that not all fabricators are likely to observe this in your project but more likely it would be under their discretion whether they would incorporate it or not. 

But it is worth mentioning here that natural stones are extremely strong. They are about 5 times more robust than concrete. Even if the natural stones, like granite, come with different working characteristics, the moment that you have them installed in your home in the form of a kitchen countertop, they are likely to outlive whatever kitchen you will install them in. 

Having a good understanding of what these characteristics are, and choosing to work things out within them during fabrication will help ensure that your final product will stand the test of time, abuse and use.  See also : cnc plasma cutter price

July 12, 2019

Gastric Bypass Surgery Australia: The Road to Your Ideal Weight

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Losing weight is never easy. Many people get tired of exercising at the gym and doing crash diets. It seems like, no matter what you do, achieving the ideal weight you’ve been wanting is impossible. Then the different products are constantly advertised on different media have been tried but still, to no avail. It’s so sad staring at those precious pair of jeans that used to fit you. You are now searching for clothes of different sizes.

All these and more are some of the things that a person who has problems with weight is experiencing. Being overweight or obese can be a big problem as it affects the overall well-being of a person. In Australia, those who want to lose weight resort to gastric bypass surgery. This is a type of surgical procedure that helps a person to lose weight. Doctors have performed this on patients that are overweight, thus helping them lose weight significantly.

Helping People with Weight Problems

Gastric bypass surgery in Australia is considered to be an ideal solution for people who want to get rid of their excess weight and live a better life by having high self-esteem. The surgery has a high success rate that gives hope to potential candidates. This procedure, compared to other weight loss options, has guaranteed positive results.

Safe Weight Loss Option

In today’s time, there is an increased need to look good and this entails losing weight. But with such desire, the efforts that people opt for sometimes cause them more harm than good. This is why it is important to choose a safe weight method. In this, gastric bypass is considered to be a safe method so people need not worry about any health risks. People who are overweight and suffering from life-threatening diseases because of obesity are the ideal candidates for the said surgery.

Losing Weight Doesn’t have to be Difficult

A lot of obese people often fall in the vicious cycle of eating a lot of junk food, gaining weight, being depressed because of weight gain, and eating more junk food just to cure their depression. These people find it difficult to break the habit of eating a lot without exercising until their weight gain gets out of control.

In this case, the surgery is the best option to take for those who are eating excessively as a habit and because their body needs it. Gastric bypass procedure will make their stomach smaller, thus allowing more food to bypass the different parts of the small intestine. This makes the person to fill up quicker and consume lesser quantity of food.

If the different weight loss programs and other ways have failed you, then it’s time to try this surgery and see for yourself all the weight loss benefits it has to offer.

June 21, 2019

Resolving Production Line Challenges with 3D Printing Perth

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The manufacturing sector has known and taken advantage of the 3D printing Perth industry for quite some time now. People working in this space are very much familiar with it. It is not a new concept for them. As a matter of fact, a wide array of industries has been using it in creating their range of end-use parts.

Resolving Production Line Challenges with 3D Printing Perth

What can be considered as the new and latest thing about 3D printing is the transition it is making now, from being a niche printing technology to becoming an indispensable production tool for manufacturing firms.

At one point in time, 3D printing is solely confined to rapid prototype designing. Today 3D printing has made its way to the broad production process also, delivering an array of efficient benefits that are helpful, both to the small and large scale manufacturing enterprises.  

Here, we will delve deeper at how these benefits or advantages apply to the core of manufacturing – production lines. We will carry this out by identifying the most common challenges 3D printing service Australia can help solve.  

A component in the production line keeps on failing.

Wear and tear that is brought about by regular temperature-induced stress, throughput, multi-component mechanisms, or weak weld-points — all these are factors that can pave the way for to critical production line parts to either becoming compromised or completely failing altogether.

Products We Manufacture Have a High Scrap Rate

The majority of manufacturers share this one universal ambition, either to completely eradicate defective products or to see to it that scrap rates are within the stringent Acceptance Quality Limits (AQL).  Process deficiency, i.e, product failures/issues that transpired on normal production conditions – it is representing a cost, reputational and quality loss. It is a threat to lean manufacturing principles.

While we can’t get away from the fact that human error will always be a contributing factor here, issues on a product’s quality are most of the time commonly associated with the incorrect settings of the equipment, poor assembly, and tooling malfunctions. These root causes explain the reason why 3D printing is being put in a position that will help address the improvement of product handling capabilities during key stages of the production process.

Production Need to Mitigate Health and Safety Risks

Machine operatives, plant, and process — all these are susceptible to injury. Moving and lifting heavy pieces of equipment and part, excessive time spent in tiring or painful positions, or using specific tools, all of which are significant and common reasons why injuries occur.

Reducing the Cycle Times of 3D Printing Perth

The global economy is extremely competitive and consumers naturally demand low cost, highly differentiated goods, enhancing production cycles and product development has undoubtedly become a classical manufacturing ambition.

The greatest significance of 3D printing Perth industry lies in the fact that it can potentially address and improve the ergonomics of product components. Mounts, jigs, clams, nozzle, grippers, and many others, they all can be reimagined, reinvented, redeveloped from a wider spectrum of materials so they can become lighter, more durable, easier to handle and much quicker to deploy,

June 12, 2019

The Whys and Hows of Choosing Carton Sealing Machine

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The Whys and Hows of Choosing Carton Sealing Machine

Carton sealing machines are a ubiquitous tool in many businesses, they are very much indispensable in the manufacturing industry. They help companies ensure that their products will reach their clientele in tip-top shape, sans any damage or fray.

High employee turnover, the rising cost of labor as well as the need for faster line speeds are the primary reasons why most companies are keen on automating their systems. End of line automated packaging is the newest packaging buzzword of today. It is the modern approach to packing the merchandise and works to the advantage of companies in the sense that it helps them save time and money. Aside from which it also lowers the possibility of product damage that is usually sustained while in transit.

Modernizing Your Carton Sealing Machine

Business entities who are leaders in their industry understand that carton packing machines are paramount to their success. So if you are a top decision maker in a company you are working for, you might want to pay some attention to your packaging equipment. You may need to revamp this aspect of the business, it can really help improve your business’ bottom line.

One reason why taking that leap of faith and embracing automation is a must is that it will help take away the element of human error out of the picture. It also means your business will be using fewer materials and resources. Besides all that, it also takes away the labor-intensive part of packing and sealing.  

Without an exemption, business organizations need to have a careful consideration when it comes to the right end of the line carton packaging machine. Numerous factors should be taken into account when trying to make your choice here. You can just imagine what your product will have to face with while in transit, that alone will help you decide that you need a good packaging tool for it. Soon after your product leaves your facility, if your product packing machine is designed to secure it even under the worst case scenario, you are bound to see better results.

What to Consider?

There is so much drudgery in taping by the hand. Besides, it is also very time consuming and wasteful. This often results in poorly presented packaging/boxes. In addition to this, it also puts your operator in harm’s way by increasing the risk of him to have repetitive strain injury due to his repeated motion over the course of their work shift.  

The following points will help you decide whether your business interests will be put in a better position by incorporating a carton sealing machine right in your packing facility.  

  1. How many product packages do you seal every day, and how many of those do you anticipate should be properly sealed?
  2. What is your current approach to sealing your products? How much manpower does this require?
  3. What types of boxes are you utilizing for your product packaging? Do they have a regular shape? Are they fragile, too? Are they heavy in weight or light?  
  4. Do you think you can improve on your throughput? Do you think your daily production will increase by virtue of incorporating automation in your sealing process?
  5. How do you feel about theft or shipping damages? Have you figured out yet what could be causing all that?

Theft during product shipment is a major business concern. But this issue can be helped by utilizing a top-caliber carton sealer. It is easy for a carton sealing machine to apply a tamper revealing security tape to your product boxing. This measure will help secure your package contents while at the same time keeping the repetitive use injury at bay.  More – vacuum sealer

May 24, 2019

Creating a Great Twitter Strategy with your Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne

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Creating a Great Twitter Strategy with your Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne

Social media plays a very important role in today’s time. Not only normal people get to benefit from it by using it to socialize and communicate, but businesses utilize it to gain more profit. One of the most popular social media sites is Twitter. Knowing how to use it properly can take the business to a higher level. If you do not know how then the help of a digital marketing agency in Melbourne will be of great use.

Find your Voice

Before sending out a Tweet, you need to establish a clear brand voice that will set the tone for your strategy. Make sure that the brand voice is original and fresh and conveys the message of your brand. It should also resonate with the audience in a more personal way and reflect your values. Having a writer that can align his or her style with your brand is a great asset in terms of finding your voice.

Utilize editorial Calendars

Have you ever wondered why some brands seem to have a limitless supply of content? One reason for this is because they have utilized well their editorial calendar. Companies know that planning and organization are the keys to having a great Twitter strategy, thus employing a live and shared document are constantly added, edited, and adjusted.

With the help of a calendar, you can always be prepared for the upcoming events and holidays, to keep track of the work that has been done and what things did not help ensure that you have all your contents planned.

Don’t just Schedule and Forget

Scheduling your tweet is a good way to make sure that you will reach your audience during the time when they are online, even when you are not. Also, Twitter has its own scheduling tool that anyone can use for their ads campaign dashboard. Keep in mind that scheduling tweets and not being able to check back is a missed opportunity.

In order to extend the content reach and maintain engagement from your audience, you should check your activity to reply to tweets or retweet any relevant content and be on the loop on the trending conversations.

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Be Adaptable

Planning in advanced is great but in some cases, the best tweets are created out of the blue. Do not be afraid to stray from your calendar if a good opportunity presents itself. Be sure that you capitalize on the trending topics, present events, or just a mention from someone. However, be sure that you do not just use a tragedy as an opportunity for branding. Be sure that you tweet with caution during sensitive times and postpone pre-scheduled tweets.

Create Conversations

The time of one-sided marketing is gone and the same thing goes for tweets, too. The strategy should be a mixture of organic tweets, Twitter ads, and @replies and should have conversation starters and questions.

There are so many ways to make the most out of Twitter and employing a digital marketing agency in Melbourne is one best way to be sure that your strategies will be effective.

April 22, 2019

Different Methods Used in Cutting Metal

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Special tools and techniques are used to make metals in certain shapes, sizes, thicknesses, and whatever the customer requires. Metal cutting methods involves manual techniques as well as automated. Some of the most common manual techniques in cutting and shaping metal or steel include chisel, hacksaw, and shears.

The abrasive waterjet cutting machine located in the fabrication shop of the 379th Expeditionary Maintenance Squadron uses a high velocity coherent stream of 98% water and 2% sand to cut through almost any material at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, June 5, 2017. The abrasive waterjet cutting machine allows the airmen to create a wide range of aircraft parts or tools needed to complete the mission in an expedited and a cost effective manner. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Amy M. Lovgren)

Manual methods are suitable for cutting small and thinner metal pieces. For larger metal pieces that are typically for larger projects, machines are used to make the entire process faster. The automated methods are also much cheaper and more efficient. Here are the machine cutting methods for metal:


Turning Method

The turning method is probably the most common method of cutting metal. It uses a very sharp device that spins very rapidly, cutting through the metal.


Flame Method

The flame cutting method is another commonly used technique of cutting and shaping metal or steel. This method uses an extremely concentrated source of heat to cut the metal. Usually a gas flame is used with about 3,500 degrees centigrade of heat is applied at the desired point. The heat of the gas flame burns and melts the metal, cutting it into the desired shape.


Burning Method

The burning cutting method works similarly with the flame method. Metal is simply burned along a specified line, where the metal melts and is cut.


Grinding Method

Metal grinding machine is typically used when the metal needs to be extremely smooth. The machine has wheels that are brushed against the surface of the metal or steel, grinding off its uppermost layer, leaving a very smooth surface.


Drilling Method

The drilling method simply creating a hole through metal. It uses a drill bit and combines force and pressure on the metal. As a result, the drill bit bores a hole. Drills for creating holes in metal pieces come in different sizes. Thus, making the drilling method applicable for any piece of metal to create any size of holes.


Waterjet Method

Yes, water can indeed cut through metal. When water is highly pressurized and is used with a specialized tool, it becomes very powerful, enabling to cut through metal and other hard materials. The waterjet is one of the most versatile cutting equipment used in many industries to cut metal and other materials. Water is brought at a very high pressure at a very high speed. The combined pressure and force enables water to actually cut hard materials such as steel. Waterjets are also used to cut stone, wood, plastic, marble, and granite. a waterjet cut is very smooth and precise.



All these cutting methods are very useful and beneficial for cutting and slicing metal. The right method to use actually depends on the type of project you will have, whether it involves small or big pieces of metal. It also depends on the complexity of the design and shape required for the metal work.


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March 21, 2019