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Different Methods Used in Cutting Metal

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Special tools and techniques are used to make metals in certain shapes, sizes, thicknesses, and whatever the customer requires. Metal cutting methods involves manual techniques as well as automated. Some of the most common manual techniques in cutting and shaping metal or steel include chisel, hacksaw, and shears.

The abrasive waterjet cutting machine located in the fabrication shop of the 379th Expeditionary Maintenance Squadron uses a high velocity coherent stream of 98% water and 2% sand to cut through almost any material at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, June 5, 2017. The abrasive waterjet cutting machine allows the airmen to create a wide range of aircraft parts or tools needed to complete the mission in an expedited and a cost effective manner. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Amy M. Lovgren)

Manual methods are suitable for cutting small and thinner metal pieces. For larger metal pieces that are typically for larger projects, machines are used to make the entire process faster. The automated methods are also much cheaper and more efficient. Here are the machine cutting methods for metal:


Turning Method

The turning method is probably the most common method of cutting metal. It uses a very sharp device that spins very rapidly, cutting through the metal.


Flame Method

The flame cutting method is another commonly used technique of cutting and shaping metal or steel. This method uses an extremely concentrated source of heat to cut the metal. Usually a gas flame is used with about 3,500 degrees centigrade of heat is applied at the desired point. The heat of the gas flame burns and melts the metal, cutting it into the desired shape.


Burning Method

The burning cutting method works similarly with the flame method. Metal is simply burned along a specified line, where the metal melts and is cut.


Grinding Method

Metal grinding machine is typically used when the metal needs to be extremely smooth. The machine has wheels that are brushed against the surface of the metal or steel, grinding off its uppermost layer, leaving a very smooth surface.


Drilling Method

The drilling method simply creating a hole through metal. It uses a drill bit and combines force and pressure on the metal. As a result, the drill bit bores a hole. Drills for creating holes in metal pieces come in different sizes. Thus, making the drilling method applicable for any piece of metal to create any size of holes.


Waterjet Method

Yes, water can indeed cut through metal. When water is highly pressurized and is used with a specialized tool, it becomes very powerful, enabling to cut through metal and other hard materials. The waterjet is one of the most versatile cutting equipment used in many industries to cut metal and other materials. Water is brought at a very high pressure at a very high speed. The combined pressure and force enables water to actually cut hard materials such as steel. Waterjets are also used to cut stone, wood, plastic, marble, and granite. a waterjet cut is very smooth and precise.



All these cutting methods are very useful and beneficial for cutting and slicing metal. The right method to use actually depends on the type of project you will have, whether it involves small or big pieces of metal. It also depends on the complexity of the design and shape required for the metal work.


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March 21, 2019

Build an Effective Brand Strategy with Product Design Firms

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As change is the most constant thing here in this world, it happens even in the world of product design. These changes can be both a challenge and opportunity for product design firms. The majority of companies aim to make products that will enthusiastically received and even championed over time. But today, it’s not enough to design for them to function. In order for a product to compete in a very competitive market, it is important to reach your target market on a much deeper level.

At present, the new breed of product designers knows that in order to have a successful and long-lasting product, it should not only be in the look and feel or the function, but the whole package. It should start right from the very first contact in the store to the ultimate disposal of a product. In every stage, the experience needs to be positive and meaningful for the consumers.


The Experience Design

In the case of experience design, there are instances that a product is reliable and aesthetically pleasing but the packaging is almost impossible to open. This is a brand killer and a way of poor customer service. Angering the customers and frustrating them should never be a part of their consumer experience. But the sad thing is, such negative points could happen anywhere- from misleading advertising to poor merchandising, even to the difficulties encountered in product disposal.

Making the Experience a Success

To achieve an effective brand experience would mean reaching across disciplines. In this case, the marketing manager should be in the same page with the product designer and the customer service manager, the retailer, and the chain manager. All parties need to work in concert in order to achieve the same goal by the same strategy.

As part of the strategy, it should be a priority to have the product experience at the heart of the entire product design. But the question here is, who conceives and directs such strategy?

The most effective strategies arise as the result of collaboration. The working team is very important to guarantee an effective brand strategy. This is why it is very important to be familiar with product design firms and choose one that meets the needs and demands of your product for it to be able to compete in the market and standout.

When it comes to looking for a good design company, you need to take your time and exert an effort to end up with the right team. You can begin your search online. Compile a list of companies then filter them out according on the qualities that you are looking for. When you have narrowed down your list, your can give them a call and see if the professionals are capable of offering the services you need.


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February 18, 2019

What to Look for When Buying Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets?

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There are many dangerous goods storage cabinets that are now available in the market. This sometimes make it difficult to determine which type of cabinet is best for your needs. There are various things that need to be considered before purchasing one. Below are some of them to help in your decision-making process.



First of all, it is very important to choose a cabinet that complies with standards when it comes to storing and handling of combustible and flammable liquids. The majority of suppliers would state if the cabinet is compliant or otherwise. If they don’t, you can give them a call and ask.

This factor is very important as it will not only prevent potential injuries, but will also eliminate any financial liability as a result of non-compliance.


Self-Closing Door

When you have made sure that the cabinet is compliant, then it should have self-closing doors. It is important that the doors are close-fitting, self-closing, and held shut and latch shut automatically.


Non-Metal Cabinets

If you want to buy a non-metal cabinet, you need to ensure that it is 100% non-metal in construction. There are times when cabinets with metal components corrode through time, thus defeating the purpose of having a polyethylene cabinet in the first place. Make sure that you will be choosing one that is 100% non-metal and includes locks, hinges, screws, etc.



Although this is not often required in dangerous good chemical storage cabinets, it is sometimes required as a form of risk control measure, especially when the cabinet is situated in enclosed areas where there are corrosive and toxic substances.

It is often the responsibility of the user to install the ventilation ducting, but to do this, the cabinet needs to have pre-fitted venting bungs. There are some suppliers who will be charging extra for this, but others include this as a standard.


Visual Component

In contrast to the popular belief, there is really no standard colors that the cabinet needs to adhere to. In most cases, you will see yellow if its flammable and blue for corrosive, etc. But you are not actually required to designate specific colors for the type of dangerous goods. This offers the flexibility to select a cabinet that is visually appealing and can blend in the workplace.


Delivery Charges

In most cases, these types of cabinets are expensive to ship. In order to save money on unexpected charges, it’s best that you ask the supplier to include the delivery charges when obtaining a quote. This will help you get the full cost upfront when comparing suppliers.

By considering all these things, you can make decisions easily. Selecting the right cabinet for your dangerous goods will ensure that you can use it for a long time and will help you save money in the long run.

July 31, 2018

Considerations When Buying Drill Rigs for Sale in Australia

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The mineral exploration drilling business is a money-making one. This is why in today’s time more and more drill rigs are for sale. This is very evident in so many countries like in Australia that has realized how much money the equipment can bring in. This equipment is very critical in completing contracts, winning bids, and of course, make money. But some companies that are not completely convinced that it can make money, there’s always a question if it’s worth to invest in it.

To help you in making the right decision, below are some things you can consider when buying a drill rig.


Considerations when Buying a Drill Rig

1.      Availability

Along with the market that is constantly improving, it is expected that lead times will be longer whether you are buying a new one or just rebuilding. When there is a decline in the market, the inventory tends to be higher and plants are not so busy building new drill rigs. This leads to a reduced lead time. On the other hand, when the market improves and contracts increase, the inventory is lower and plants get busy building rigs. This increased the lead time.


2.      New Technology

If you used to have an old drill rig, purchasing drill rigs for sale in Australia will give you the chance to drill productively. Newer ones are always more productive and offer reliable uptime. They also come with more safety features. With more safety requirements, new rigs can meet such while older ones may not.


3.      Reliability

A used drill rig is prone to breakdowns compared to new ones. Downtown is a big factor that affects drilling contracts. Cost can quickly pile up as a result of loss of productivity, repairing the rig, and rig uptime contractual obligations. A drill rig with good operating condition can help in productivity. Aside from this, it can also keep the contractor from being kicked off the site.


4.      New Versus Used Drill Rigs

When there is a need for a rig, there’s a dilemma whether to purchase a new or used one. But the thing is, it’s difficult to find a gently used equipment and it’s not easy to be certain of how gentle or harsh it has been used. For example, hydraulic systems can be delicate and when mistreated or experiencing contamination, it can cost a lot to replace motors, pumps, or valves. This can be a big risk to buy a drill rig if its history and maintenance are not known.

5.      Price

When buying a new drill rig, you may be tempted to choose based on price, especially that there are so many low-cost options available in the market. But just like when buying other things, you need to check the total cost of the ownership. In this case, lower priced rigs may have higher ownership cost. When choosing take your time until you find one that will bring you returns not losses.

It can be a challenge to find an investment-worthy drill rig in the market today. But taking your time to make sure that you get the right one will yield great benefits and quality work.


July 19, 2018

Endless Possibilities with Waterjet Machine

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Waterjet machine is one of the fastest growing machine tools in the world- thanks to its ease of operation and versatility. Today, manufacturers are realizing that there is no limit when it comes to the capabilities of this cutting machine.


Machines shops, big or small, are also starting to realize the great productivity and efficiency by implementing waterjets in their different operations. This tool is becoming to be the first choice of many shops and industries. The technology behind the machine has been available for quite a long time now. Through time, it has greatly evolved with research and development.


But what really makes it popular? A waterjet actually needs some secondary operations, heat distortion, produce net-shaped without heat-affected zones, or mechanical stresses that can be caused by other types of cutting methods, can cut using a narrow kerf, and offer better usage or raw materials that can be tightly nested. But the machines itself is very easy to use and operators can be easily trained in just a few hours and start producing high-quality parts.

Additionally, it can virtually cut any type of material while leaving a satin-like smooth edge. All the benefits it can offer equate to significant savings, especially in industries that have defined productivity by cost per hour. Some of the other benefits of waterjet cutting are highlighted below.


Waterjet Cut Benefits



A waterjet machines makes it possible to cut a wide array of applications with so much ease. Regardless of the shape, material, dimension, the machine can bring valuable versatility to a business.


Expanded Capabilities

Whatever the nature of the business is- whether it’s aerospace, automotive, fabricator, tool and die, stone and tile, or even job shop can be saved by the machine. With it, cutting stone, metal, composites, plastics, rubber, ceramic, and so many others are possible. The cut can even be up to 8 inches thick without any heat-affected zone and excellent edge quality.


Production and Material Cost Reduction

Waterjet cutter only need minimal tooling and fixturing. With this, you can save some valuable time on your shop floor. As they can cut clean and accurate edges that allows tight nesting while reducing scrap, you can save a great deal of money through better material utilization.


Complements Existing Technology

At present, it’s common to see many job shops that add water jets to their operations in order to complement other types of cutting technologies like laser, plasma, milling, and EDM. While every shop has a different requirement for its cutting projects, the majority of them find waterjets to be extremely helpful in their operations that help enhance their profitability and productivity.

With a very demanding kind of world we are living in today, it’s such a relief to have this kind of technology that can make jobs easier, efficient, and produces great quality results.


July 18, 2018