Endless Possibilities with Waterjet Machine

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Waterjet machine is one of the fastest growing machine tools in the world- thanks to its ease of operation and versatility. Today, manufacturers are realizing that there is no limit when it comes to the capabilities of this cutting machine.


Machines shops, big or small, are also starting to realize the great productivity and efficiency by implementing waterjets in their different operations. This tool is becoming to be the first choice of many shops and industries. The technology behind the machine has been available for quite a long time now. Through time, it has greatly evolved with research and development.


But what really makes it popular? A waterjet actually needs some secondary operations, heat distortion, produce net-shaped without heat-affected zones, or mechanical stresses that can be caused by other types of cutting methods, can cut using a narrow kerf, and offer better usage or raw materials that can be tightly nested. But the machines itself is very easy to use and operators can be easily trained in just a few hours and start producing high-quality parts.

Additionally, it can virtually cut any type of material while leaving a satin-like smooth edge. All the benefits it can offer equate to significant savings, especially in industries that have defined productivity by cost per hour. Some of the other benefits of waterjet cutting are highlighted below.


Waterjet Cut Benefits



A waterjet machines makes it possible to cut a wide array of applications with so much ease. Regardless of the shape, material, dimension, the machine can bring valuable versatility to a business.


Expanded Capabilities

Whatever the nature of the business is- whether it’s aerospace, automotive, fabricator, tool and die, stone and tile, or even job shop can be saved by the machine. With it, cutting stone, metal, composites, plastics, rubber, ceramic, and so many others are possible. The cut can even be up to 8 inches thick without any heat-affected zone and excellent edge quality.


Production and Material Cost Reduction

Waterjet cutter only need minimal tooling and fixturing. With this, you can save some valuable time on your shop floor. As they can cut clean and accurate edges that allows tight nesting while reducing scrap, you can save a great deal of money through better material utilization.


Complements Existing Technology

At present, it’s common to see many job shops that add water jets to their operations in order to complement other types of cutting technologies like laser, plasma, milling, and EDM. While every shop has a different requirement for its cutting projects, the majority of them find waterjets to be extremely helpful in their operations that help enhance their profitability and productivity.

With a very demanding kind of world we are living in today, it’s such a relief to have this kind of technology that can make jobs easier, efficient, and produces great quality results.


July 18, 2018

Have A Business? Then You Need A Digital Marketing Agency

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To have your own business is not easy. But knowing how to operate it so it becomes successful is the real challenge. You need to have the best knowledge you can have when it comes to developing your products. At the same time, you need to make sure that you are equipped with the right abilities to offer services. But to be an efficient manager or business owner does not really require you to be an expert in marketing. Even if you really want to work on your own advertising, there are just some things that may not be so easy to accomplish.

But the company should not be put at risk due to lack of marketing expertise. This is why a digital marketing agency exists to save a company. Listed are some of the benefits of hiring one.

Productive Time Utilization

Marketing is both an art and science. This means that if you do not have the passion or talent for it, you cannot expect that your product will be the best in the industry. What you can do it to outsource the needs of the company by hiring the most efficient people to do the job. Doing so will give you the benefit of time utilization so you can keep doing the things you do best.


Competitive Edge

Using marketing in a business is already considered to be a great competitive edge. For instance, there are was a huge boost in sales of automobile models that have been featured in “Transformers” movie. This is because they were displayed in the movie scenes which attracted the attention of the viewers. This is only one example of doing marketing to boost sales.

You can also do the same for your business and you can anticipate the same affirmative results. Marketing is not just really about promoting a product or service or boosting its publicity. But it also concerns branding or defining the things that your company represents and explains why your customer base needs to have what you are offering. These are definitely the things that a digital marketing agency can do for you and your business.


Modern Solution

In this age of technology, it’s a must for your marketing efforts to work hand in hand with the innovations around. But if you are someone who is not really technology, then the best thing you can do is to hire experts to do it for you. It’s a given that these professionals are well-adept with the new technology so they can use it for the benefit of your business.

For sure, the above reasons are enough to convince you that it’s best to hire an agency for your marketing needs. So, be sure to hire the best one and put your trust on the hands of the best people.


July 16, 2018