The Whys and Hows of Choosing Carton Sealing Machine

The Whys and Hows of Choosing Carton Sealing Machine

Carton sealing machines are a ubiquitous tool in many businesses, they are very much indispensable in the manufacturing industry. They help companies ensure that their products will reach their clientele in tip-top shape, sans any damage or fray.

High employee turnover, the rising cost of labor as well as the need for faster line speeds are the primary reasons why most companies are keen on automating their systems. End of line automated packaging is the newest packaging buzzword of today. It is the modern approach to packing the merchandise and works to the advantage of companies in the sense that it helps them save time and money. Aside from which it also lowers the possibility of product damage that is usually sustained while in transit.

Modernizing Your Carton Sealing Machine

Business entities who are leaders in their industry understand that carton packing machines are paramount to their success. So if you are a top decision maker in a company you are working for, you might want to pay some attention to your packaging equipment. You may need to revamp this aspect of the business, it can really help improve your business’ bottom line.

One reason why taking that leap of faith and embracing automation is a must is that it will help take away the element of human error out of the picture. It also means your business will be using fewer materials and resources. Besides all that, it also takes away the labor-intensive part of packing and sealing.  

Without an exemption, business organizations need to have a careful consideration when it comes to the right end of the line carton packaging machine. Numerous factors should be taken into account when trying to make your choice here. You can just imagine what your product will have to face with while in transit, that alone will help you decide that you need a good packaging tool for it. Soon after your product leaves your facility, if your product packing machine is designed to secure it even under the worst case scenario, you are bound to see better results.

What to Consider?

There is so much drudgery in taping by the hand. Besides, it is also very time consuming and wasteful. This often results in poorly presented packaging/boxes. In addition to this, it also puts your operator in harm’s way by increasing the risk of him to have repetitive strain injury due to his repeated motion over the course of their work shift.  

The following points will help you decide whether your business interests will be put in a better position by incorporating a carton sealing machine right in your packing facility.  

  1. How many product packages do you seal every day, and how many of those do you anticipate should be properly sealed?
  2. What is your current approach to sealing your products? How much manpower does this require?
  3. What types of boxes are you utilizing for your product packaging? Do they have a regular shape? Are they fragile, too? Are they heavy in weight or light?  
  4. Do you think you can improve on your throughput? Do you think your daily production will increase by virtue of incorporating automation in your sealing process?
  5. How do you feel about theft or shipping damages? Have you figured out yet what could be causing all that?

Theft during product shipment is a major business concern. But this issue can be helped by utilizing a top-caliber carton sealer. It is easy for a carton sealing machine to apply a tamper revealing security tape to your product boxing. This measure will help secure your package contents while at the same time keeping the repetitive use injury at bay.  More – vacuum sealer

May 24, 2019